Story books

There were many different Real Ghostbusters childrens books produced in the late 80’s including colouring books, story books and even pop up’s. The great thing about these titles from a collectors point of view is that both the stories & the artwork inside were usually original and not simply adaptations of episodes of the animated show.

The US publisher Simon & Schuster published a broad range of books featuring art from various different artists but the majority were illustrated by Rudy Nappi and Steve Smallwood.

Steve worked on the Joke & Riddle Colouring book as well as the following story books: “The Demon From Under The Earth”, “The Great Ghost Show” and “The Revenge of The Ghostosaurus” while Rudy drew illustrations for the mini book series which included “Hot Air Heroes”, “Amusement Park Alarms” & “Bubble, Bubble Ghostly Trouble”. 

Below are some of Rudy’s illustrations from Hot Air Heroes including the centre spread and front cover.

hot air heroes art





Photo credit: Wayne Lewis Galleries

This is another of Rudy’s illustrations for page #8 of Amusement Park Alarms. 

Amusement Park Alarms Page #8 (Book #4)






Here is Steve Smallwood’s original artwork for the cover for The Demon From Under The Earth.

The Demon From Under The Earth Original Art