Knight Books:

There were three different Real Ghostbusters novels published by Knight books in the UK. All three were written by Kenneth Harper and featured original illustrations by renowned English artist Jon Miller.

Each book was an adaptation of episodes of the animated series and the episodes chosen were some of my favourites. First came Janine’s Genie, followed by Ghosts-R-Us (even though it was actually the very first episode of the show) and finally Slimer, Come Home.

Jon used a combination of pencils, ink and screentone to create the art for the books. Below are some images of his work and a few close ups. I think it’s great to see another artists take on the characters, ghosts and scenes featured in some very memorable episodes of the cartoon. 

I’ve also included a picture of an unused proof of the cover of Janine’s Genie too which was printed before the barcode and RRP were added. 

Janine’s Genie:

Ecto-1 Ecto-1 Close up





Team    Team-close-up





Peter-Slimer   Peter-Slimer-Close-up






Janine's Genie Cover Proof









Ghosts-R-Us Page 14Ghosts-R-Us Page 22








Slimer Come Home

Slimer Come Home Page 6Slimer Come Home Page 1Slimer Come Home Page 7