Although NOW were the only company to ever publish a Real Ghostbusters comic in the US, it was actually Lodestone Publishing that had the Real Ghostbusters license first.

The pages of original artwork from the Lodestone comic that exist out there are mostly unfinished though and that’s because the company went out of business before the comic could go to press.

Unlike NOW and Marvel UK who chose to write original stories, the first issue of the Lodestone comic was going to be an adaptation of the first episode of the animated show, “Ghosts-R-Us”.

Lodestone Page 4 Lodestone Page 9 Lodestone Page 19 Lodestone page 20





The artwork was penciled by Richard Maurizio and inked by Frank Mclaughlin.

Photo credit: Unknown eBay seller

(If anyone reading has any Lodestone original art pages for sale please do get in contact!)