Below are a few links to other interesting and helpful Ghostbusters resources:


Spook Central: Real Ghostbusters TV Series

Spook Central is one of the longest running fan sites on the net, covering everything Ghostbusters. The link above directs you to the RGB cartoon section which has some really interesting articles and features.

Ghostbusters Wiki

The Ghostbusters Wiki page is a truly incredible website. If you have a Ghostbusters related question, you’ll find the answer there.

Ghostbusters Toy Archive

A fantastic toy related website run by a friend of mine Jay Glatfelter. The GBTA is definitely a must see website for anyone interested in learning more about the toys.

Ghostbusters Magazine Rack

This is a fun site that has a very helpful section called the magazine rack which contains PDF’s of all of the NOW comics as well as the RGB Magazines.

Marvel Comic Digitization Project

This is a download link for almost the entire run of Marvel RGB comics. The comics were painstakingly scanned in page by page by American collector, James Burns and are available for free on his personal webpage. A truly great resource for fans of the title.

NYGB Comic Guide

A lot of work went into the NYGB Comic Guide years ago and thankfully, even though the site no longer exists it was archived over on Spook Central. Great source of information for both the Marvel & NOW comics.


An everything Ghostbusters fan website which has some cool sections including reviews for the animated show and the toys.

Down the tubes is a website dedicated to promoting British comics. The site is run by John Freeman who was one of the editors of Marvel UK’s Real Ghostbusters comic in the 80’s. You can read a nice retrospective article written by John about the RGB comic on his website here.

My good friend and fellow collector Aaron Hazouri is the artist responsible for’s artistic ghost mascot! 

Check out how talented he is on the above link, he’s a huge Real Ghostbusters and TMNT fan too!