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At this point my Marvel UK comic art collection is quite extensive, so instead of making this page too image heavy I have decided to slowly upload single pages (usually title pages) for each artist that I own original art for. My ultimate aim is to own at least one page from every artist that worked on the title. With that said, I love keeping stories together whenever I get the opportunity to so I have ended up with quite a lot of pages from certain artists and absolutely none from others! Hopefully in time I will be able to add more artists work to my collection even if I am unable to “collect them all”.


Artist: Andy Lanning

Ecto-X issue #50

Ecto-X was a huge 10 page story from issue #50 (also reprinted in the states in issue #21 of the NOW comic) with some wonderfully illustrated panels. Egon’s overly efficient (and slightly scary) Robobuster invention, Ecto-X ends up turning on the guys when a demon takes control of him.

This is page #5, which depicts Egon fine tuning his creation after it tries to catch Slimer.

Issue 50 Ecto-x Robobuster Andy Lanning ecto-x page 5





Inks: Stephen Baskerville

Artist: Martin Griffiths

Here are two pages of original comic artwork drawn by Martin Griffiths. They are both final pages from two different stories & issues. If anyone reading happens to own any of the other pages from either story I would love to reunite them!

A View To A Chill Issue #30

Martin Griffiths Art museum A view to a chill final page





Inks: Dave Harwood

Ghoul Fishing Issue #33

Martin Griffiths Winston Ghoul Fishing Final Page (Colour)





Inks: Dave Harwood

Artist: Tony O’Donnell

Below are a few title pages from various complete stories that I own which were drawn by Tony O’Donnell. 

Car Wash Spook Issue #53

Car Wash Spook Title page Car Wash Spook Title Page   





The Private Eye Issue #58

The Private Eye Title page Private Eye Title Page   





Inks: Tim Perkins

Buster Issue #60

Buster-Title-page Buster Title Page      





Inks: Paul Marshall

Cool Zuul! Issue #64

OA Cool zuulMarvel UK issue 64 Cool Zuul






Inks: Nick Abadzis

Paranormal Playground Issue #127

OA Paranormal Playground Title PageParanormal Playground issue 127 Title Page 





On this page the title of the story was incorrectly placed at the top in the space usually reserved for the title of the comic. In order to make room for “The Real Ghostbusters” lettering, the story title was moved to the middle of the page and all of the panels were slightly cropped to allow both to fit. 

Inks: Dave Harwood

War & Pieces Issue #149

War & Pieces Title page War and Pieces Title Page   





Inks: Lesley Dalton

Artist: Phil Elliott

Below are a few title pages from various complete stories that I own which were drawn by Phil Elliott.

This Ghost Is Toast Issue #39

OA ghost is toastMarvel UK issue 39 This ghost is toast title page






Inks: Bambos

Rays From The Grave Issue #49

OA Rays from the graveMarvel UK issue 49 Rays from the grave title page






Inks: Dave Harwood

Trouble Vision Issue #52

OA Trouble VisionMarvel UK issue 52 Trouble Vision title page






Inks: Nick Abadzis

Evil Weevil Issue #64

OA Evil Weevil Title PageMarvel UK issue 64 Evil Weevil Title page 






Inks: Dave Harwood