Original DiC storyboards for the animated show becoming available on the collector market is pretty much unheard of and although there are studio copies out there, they are still incredibly hard to find. Thankfully most of the ones that have surfaced have also been scanned, so here are a few!


Promo Pilot

This is the full set of storyboards for the original promo pilot. It’s amazing to think that this is where it all began way back in 1985.  A truly amazing glimpse into the production process of one of the most talked about pieces of Real Ghostbusters animation.

Mrs Rogers Neighborhood (Season 1 Episode #3)

Mrs Rogers Neighborhood PKE Meter scene






Photo credit: Ghostbusters Wiki

This single storyboard page accounts for roughly 10-12 seconds of screen time in the cartoon. The scene happens a few minutes into the episode when Egon gets a scarily high reading on his PKE meter from the house that Mrs Rogers lives in, one that actually causes the device to glow and explode.