Original hand painted background artwork produced for the animated show can be quite hard to find, especially with the majority of cels being sold with modern day laser jet copies just for display. If you do manage to pick up a cel with a hand painted background then the chances are it will be a nondescript one which probably looks like it could belong to any cartoon. Painted backgrounds that depict more memorable locations in the Ghostbusters universe are, as you might expect, very sought after.


This is an original hand painted background showing the unmistakable Ghostbusters firehouse from Season 2, Episode 64: “Dairy Farm”.

Fire House 





Photo credit: Michael J.

Below is another firehouse background. This dark and moody nighttime shot is from Season 3, Episode 3: “It’s a Jungle out there”.

Firehouse Background Jungle out there






Photo credit: Lee W

What’s great about firehouse backgrounds is that you get to see the building from so many different perspectives like this one from Season 2, Episode 29: “Bustman’s Holiday”. 

Firehouse Background Bustmans Holiday

Firehouse Background Bustmans Holiday close up






Photo credit: Beau Obremski aka “toozuulforschool