Phil Elliott

Artist: Phil Elliott

Company: Marvel UK

Joe- Hi Phil, could you tell us a little about your background as an artist? What are some of your earliest memories of creating art and how did that interest in drawing evolve into a lifelong career in comics?

Joe- How did you begin working with Marvel and which other titles besides Ghostbusters did you draw for?

Joe- You have a very distinctive artistic style and one that other artists including Tony O’Donnell felt worked well for Marvels Ghostbusters series. Were Marvel happy for artists to stay truthful to the way they usually drew or were they a little stricter about sticking to the reference material and look of the characters?

Joe- Which other Marvel artists did you know at the time through other projects, fanzines and companies?

Joe- Your first ever contribution to the comic was the story “Egon’s New Invention” which featured in issue #9. What was your reaction to your first story? Were you pleased with how your pages came out?

Joe- After that you provided art for the cover of issue #11 and continued to be a regular artist for the comic. Did you enjoy drawing Real Ghostbusters stories and was the frequent work from Marvel something you appreciated at the time?

Joe- In issue #13 you wrote and pencilled a fun story for the Sports Aid ’88 charity event called “Speed Demon”, which sees Winston sign everyone up to run in the “Race against time” in an attempt to keep them fit. Did you request to write that particular story or were you asked to?

Joe- It wasn’t often that a penciller got to write their own story but I know you were well versed in doing both. Do you enjoy writing just as much as drawing?

Joe- It seems that a fair few artists at Marvel inked their own work if they had the time to do so. You obviously did the same on a number of stories but are there any stories that you did absolutely everything on including things like lettering?

Joe- Which of your covers did you enjoy working on the most?

Joe- When not inking your own work, which Marvel inkers did you prefer to have working on your pencils?

Joe- Of the many stories you drew, which were your favourites?

Joe- You drew a number of 5-6 page stories which were always slighter more fun to read as they were longer than the usual 2-3 page shorts we saw in the comic. Which of your longer stories did you find the most time consuming to work on?

Joe- Which was the most fun to draw?

Joe- Which of the Ghostbusters characters did you find the easiest to draw and which (if any) did you find more difficult?

Joe- Looking back on your time on the comic, what were some of the highs for you and would you have done anything differently if you could go back and do it all over again?

Thanks Phil!

If you would like to own any of Phil’s remaining original artwork from the Marvel Real Ghostbusters comic you can do so either by contacting Phil directly via email for prices ( ) or by becoming a patron of his over on patreon: