Marvel Pages

At this point my Marvel UK comic art collection is quite extensive, so instead of making this page too image heavy I have decided to slowly upload single pages (usually title pages) for each artist that I own original art for. My ultimate aim is to own at least one page from every artist that worked on the title. With that said, I love keeping stories together whenever I get the opportunity to so I have ended up with quite a lot of pages from certain artists and absolutely none from others! Hopefully in time I will be able to add more artists work to my collection even if I am unable to “collect them all”.


Artist: Andy Lanning

Ecto-X issue #50

Ecto-X was a huge 10 page story from issue #50 (also reprinted in the states in issue #21 of the NOW comic) with some wonderfully illustrated panels. Egon’s overly efficient (and slightly scary) Robobuster invention, Ecto-X ends up turning on the guys when a demon takes control of him.

This is page #5, which depicts Egon fine tuning his creation after it tries to catch Slimer.

Issue 50 Ecto-x Robobuster Andy Lanning ecto-x page 5






Artist: Martin Griffiths

Here are two pages of original comic artwork drawn by Martin Griffiths. They are both final pages from two different stories & issues.

A View To A Chill Issue #30

Martin Griffiths Art museum A view to a chill final page





Ghoul Fishing Issue #33

Martin Griffiths Winston Ghoul Fishing Final Page (Colour)





Artist: Tony O’Donnell

Below are a few title pages from various complete stories that I own which were drawn by Tony O’Donnell. 

Car Wash Spook Issue #53

Car Wash Spook Title page   





The Private Eye Issue #58

The Private Eye Title page Private Eye Title Page   





Buster Issue #60

Buster-Title-page Buster Title Page      





Cool Zuul! Issue #64

Marvel UK issue 64 Cool Zuul







War & Pieces Issue #149

War & Pieces Title page War and Pieces Title Page   





Artist: Phil Elliott

Below are a few title pages from various complete stories that I own which were drawn by Phil Elliott.

This Ghost Is Toast Issue #39

Marvel UK issue 39 This ghost is toast title page






Rays From The Grave Issue #49

Marvel UK issue 49 Rays from the grave title page






Trouble Vision Issue #52

Marvel UK issue 52 Trouble Vision title page






Evil Weevil Issue #64

Marvel UK issue 64 Evil Weevil Title page