Marvel Pages

Artist: Martin Griffiths

Here are two pages of original comic artwork drawn by Martin Griffiths. They are both final pages from two different stories & issues.

A View To A Chill Issue #30

Martin Griffiths Art museum A view to a chill final page





Ghoul Fishing Issue #33

Martin Griffiths Winston Ghoul Fishing Final Page (Colour)





Artist: Tony O’Donnell

Below are a few complete stories originally drawn by Tony O’Donnell as well as a copy of a page of his amazing uninked pencil work from the “Paranormal Playground” story.

Paranormal Playground #127 (Uninked pencils)

Copy of pencils






Car Wash Spook Issue #53

Car Wash Spook Title page Car Wash Spook page 2 Car Wash Spook page 3 Car Wash Spook page 4





The Private Eye Issue #58

The Private Eye Title page The Private Eye page 2 The Private Eye page 3





Buster Issue #60

Buster-Title-page  Buster-Page-2  Buster-Page-3  Buster-Page-4











War & Pieces Issue #149

War & Pieces Title page War & Pieces page 2 War & Pieces page 3 War & Pieces page 4